Panasonic PT-VZ585N 5000 lümen 1920x1200 WUXGA LCD Kablosuz Projeksiyon Cihazı

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Etiketler: #1920x1200 , #5000 lümen

  PL-VZ580 PT-VW545 PT-VZ585 PT-VW540 PT-VX615 PT-VX610
PARLAKLIK 5.000 lümen 5.300 lümen 5.000 lümen 5.300 lümen 5.500 lümen 5.500 lümen
KONTRAST ORANI 16,000:1 16,000:1 16,000:1 16,000:1 16,000:1 16,000:1


  • Portable projectors with increased brightness
  • Increased contrast ratio gives even sharper images
  • Filter lasts twice as long
  • Easier to connect wirelessly
  • Flexible wired installation 



On the bright side – up to 5500lm brightness

With high brightness ranging from 5000lm to 5500lm, the PT-VZ580 series of portable projectors is at least 200lm brighter than the VZ570 series. You can expect deep blacks, pure highlights, crisp graphics and easy-to-read text.

Picture perfect images

A winning formula for imaging brilliance is complemented by a high 16000:1 contrast ratio. The PT-VZ580 series features resolutions from XGA to WUXGA, bringing native Full HD video to big screens in small spaces. This gives pin-sharp, detailed images for an immersive viewing experience. With the colour adjustment and correction function you can easily correct for slight variations in the colour reproduction range when using multiple projection, particularly in side-by-side configuration.

More efficient parts for easy maintenance 

In the PT-VZ580 Series we have increased the air filter replacement cycle to a maximum of 7,000 hours and it can be washed twice: reducing the total cost of ownership. The high efficiency lamp also has a replacement cycle of 7,000 hours in ECO2 mode, reducing the need for maintenance over long periods of use, lowering maintenance costs and reducing environmental impact.

Simple wireless connection with Plug and Share

Thanks to Plug and Share*, it’s easier than ever to project wirelessly with the PT-VZ580 series. Plug and Share gives you the option connecting to the projector with nothing more than a USB stick. Simply plug a USB stick into the projector and the configuration files are automatically copied to it – there’s no need to key in the network information. Then plug the USB into your computer and run Plug and Share straight from your USB stick – without having to install on your computer.

*Plug and Share is available with the following models: PT-VZ585N, PT-VW545N and PT-VX615N

Share your screen from your mobile with Miracast

Several projectors in the PT-VZ580* Series come with Advanced Miracast for an improved wireless connection. Your Android device forms a direct Wi-Fi connection with the projector so you can discover it and connect to share your screen. With Advanced Miracast it takes a third less time to connect and the connectivity ratio is increased by 40% (compared to the VZ57N series). The projectors are the first series to support Moderator Mode and the Cut-In function, making them perfect for collaborating in meetings.

*Miracast is available with the following models: PT-VZ585N, PT-VW545N and PT-VX615N

Flexible installation

Adding to the range of options for connecting wirelessly, wired connection is also more flexible for this series. You can connect with a single DIGITAL LINK* cable with extended reach (up to 150m), giving you more possibilities when installing the projectors. The 1.6x zoom lens gives you the flexibility to project from a wide range of distances, making it easier to install the unit even when space is limited.

*DIGITAL LINK is available with the following models: PT-VZ585N, PT-VW545N and PT-VX615N

Easy to see, even in bright rooms

Daylight View Basic technology makes it possible to see images clearly, even in brightly-lit rooms. A built-in sensor measures the light level in the room and the technology optimises the halftone colour and brightness levels accordingly.



Quieter than writing with a pencil

In quiet mode, the PT-VZ580 series make less noise than someone writing with a pencil. The quiet design keeps noise levels down to 29 dB*, so the sound of the cooling fan is hardly noticeable and the audience won’t be distracted during meetings and presentations.

* 37dB in Normal and 35dB in ECO1 mode

Teknik Özellikler :

Özellik Değer
Marka : Panasonic
Teknoloji : LCD Projeksiyon
Projeksiyon Türü : Full HD Kablosuz Projeksiyon
Parlaklık : 5000 ANSI lümen
3D Özellik : Yok
Görüntü Oranı : 16:10
Gerçek Çözünürlük : 1920x1200
Maksimum Çözünürlük : 1920x1200
Kontrast : 16000:1
Lamba Ömrü : 5.000 Saat
Eko Lamba Ömrü : 7.000 Saat
Lens Oranı : 1.60 - 2.12
Lamba Kodu : ET-LAV400
Lamba Tipi : 280W
Kablosuz Kullanım (WiFi) : Var
Crestron Kontrol : Var
AMX Kontrol : Var
Displayport : Var
PJ Link : Var
Ethernet Arabirimi : Yok
Video Uyumluluğu : 720(750)50p, 1080(1125)60i, 1080(1125)50i, 1080(1125)25p, 1080(1125)24p, 1080(1125)24sF, 1080(1125)30p, 1080(1125)60p, 1080(1125)50p, VGA(640x480), WUXGA(1920x1200)
Bağlantı Özelliği : Bağlantı Terminalleri
VGA : Var
HDMI : Var
Monitör Out : Var
Composite Video : Var
S-Video : Yok
USB Tip A : Var
USB A Power : Yok
USB Tip C : Yok
Component Video : Yok
3.5mm Stereo Mini Jack : Var
DVI-D : Yok
DVI-I : Yok
HD-SDI : Yok
5 x BNC : Yok
MHL : Yok
3D-Sync : Yok
RCA (L/R) : Var
Mikrofon : Yok
Kontrol Portları : Bağlantı Terminalleri
RJ-45 : Var (LAN)
RS232C : Var
M3 Remote : Yok
USB Tip B : Var
12V Trigger : Yok
GPIO : Yok
Çıkış Birimleri : Bağlantı Terminalleri
Stereo Mini Jack 3.5mm : Var
Fan Sesi : 37 dB
Eko Fan Sesi : 29 dB
Ekstra Özellikler : WiFi dahili, Miracast, Köşe düzeltme
Lens Shift : Yok
Yatay : Yok
Dikey : Yok
Keystone Correction : Var
Yatay Düzeltme : 30
Dikey Düzeltme : 25
Kullanım Şekli : Masa Üstü ve Tavana Asarak
Hoparlör : 10 W
Boyutlar (WxHxD) : 389x125x332mm
Ağırlık : 4.8 kg
Tasarım : Beyaz
Enerji Tüketimi : 410 W
Güç Kaynağı : 100 V - 240 V AC, 50/60Hz
Garanti : 2 Yıl
Kutu Aksesuarları : Garanti Belgesi Güvenlik Kartı Uzaktan Kumanda Ve Piller Kullanım Kılavuzu (CD) Güç Kablosu

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