ViewSonic M1 Mini Dahili JBL Hoparlör Batarya LED Cep Projeksiyon

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The ViewSonic® M1 Mini is a pocket-sized ultra-portable LED projector that delivers big-screen entertainment in nearly any location. Featuring a built-in battery with power bank compatibility, the M1 Mini delivers true portability and hours of entertainment without the need of a power cord. Lightweight and measuring only 4” x 4”, this tiny projector can be placed in your purse, backpack, or back pocket, making it perfect for entertainment on the go. The M1 also includes swappable panels in three different colors – gray, yellow, and teal – so you can change the look of the projector to suit your style. An integrated smart stand provides for flexible setup, while also doubling as a lens cover. A built-in JBL speaker provides crisp and clear sound, while a USB reader port lets you play multimedia content from an external dongle. Compact and lightweight, the M1 Mini can be enjoyed in the kids’ room or in the backyard, or carry it on the road camping, in hotels, or anywhere your travels take you.



Lightweight and measuring only 4x4 inches, this compact projector can be easily packed and carried in your bag, back pocket, or in the palm of your hand. Enjoy multimedia entertainment wherever you go.


Swappable projector panels are included, letting you change the color of the projector to match your style, or your mood. Choose from gray, yellow, or teal.


With flexible connectivity options including HDMI and USB, this projector lets you easily plug-in and play videos from laptops, tablets, mobile phones, media players and dongles, and more.


An integrated JBL speaker delivers big sound in a small package perfect for music and movies at home, or on the go.


The integrated Smart Stand provides for easy setup, allowing the projector to be placed in a variety of different positions and angles. The Smart Stand also doubles as a lens cover.


For entertainment on the go, a built-in battery provides up to 2.5 hours* of power so you can watch movies without the hassle of wires or cables. And thanks to power bank compatibility, you can enjoy extended battery life wherever you go.

*Battery life varies on actual usage.


ViewSonic offers one of the industry's best overall projector warranties with 1-year limited parts and labor, 1-year lamp, and first year free Express Exchange service®* for an added value worth up to $150**.

*One year Express Exchange Service requires product registration. **Up to $150 added value over competitive models with 1-year warranty and based on extended warranties from manufacturers and not third party warranty providers.


A built-in USB Type-A reader port allows you to playback photos, videos, and other multimedia without having to connect to a PC. The USB Type-A port also delivers charging power.


Vertical keystone correction helps eliminate crooked and distorted images for a perfectly proportioned picture every time.


Equipped with the latest HDMI, this projector is perfect for connecting to any HDMI-enabled device, and can display 3D images directly from 3D Blu-ray players. 3D images can be viewed with optional ViewSonic PGD-350 Shutter Glasses, or any other compatible 3D glasses.

Teknik Özellikler :

Özellik Değer
Marka : ViewSonic
Teknoloji : LED Projeksiyon
Projeksiyon Türü : Taşınabilir Mini Projeksiyon
Parlaklık : 50 ANSI lümen
Gerçek Çözünürlük : 854x480
Maksimum Çözünürlük : 1280x800
Kontrast : 500:1
Lamba Ömrü : 30.000 Saat
Eko Lamba Ömrü : 30.000 Saat
Lens Oranı : 1.2
Lamba Kodu : LED
Lamba Tipi : LED
Video Uyumluluğu : 720(750)60p, 720(750)50p, 1080(1125)60i, 1080(1125)50i, 1080(1125)25p, 1080(1125)24p, 1080(1125)24sF, 1080(1125)30p, 1080(1125)60p, 1080(1125)50p, VGA(640x480), WUXGA(1920x1200)
Bağlantı Özelliği : Bağlantı Terminalleri
HDMI : Var
USB Tip A : Var
USB A Power : Var
Kontrol Portları : Bağlantı Terminalleri
USB Tip B : Var
Çıkış Birimleri : Bağlantı Terminalleri
Fan Sesi : 26 dB
Eko Fan Sesi : 25 dB
Keystone Correction : Var
Yatay Düzeltme : Yok
Dikey Düzeltme : +/- 40°
Kullanım Şekli : Masaüstü
Hoparlör : 2 W
Boyutlar (WxHxD) : 10 x 104 x 27 mm
Ağırlık : 0.3 kg
Tasarım : 3 renk değiştirilebilir kapak (Gri, Sarı, Turkuaz)
Enerji Tüketimi : 10 W
Güç Kaynağı : 100-240V/ 50-60Hz
Garanti : 2 Yıl Garanti
Kutu Aksesuarları : USB A Micro USB Kablo: 1 (1m) Uzaktan Denetim: 1 QSG: 1

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